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Co-Founder &  Director

We embarked on the journey that is The Tipsy Cow Trailer in September 2019. Steph on the look out for a new challenge and adventure saw the trailer for sale and was filled with inspiration. She instantly knew this wasn’t a chance to be missed. Immediately she called Mel a close friend and keen baker to discuss the future potential for the business. Coming from a farming background Mel couldn’t resist the converted cattle trailer and together with 18 years of friendship behind us this is how our story began. 

Steph is a budding entrepreneur always coming up with new ideas and having her very strict judging panel to test the treats before they are put to the public: Phoebe and Cooper, Steph is a busy mum of two but she is never to busy to be on hand to answer calls and emails 

Mel has a strong belief that everybody deserve the best of the best when it comes to baked goods, her creativity and elated inspiration with new recipes will insure your favourites are on the tipsy menu.

Springfield House

24 Rawcliffe Road

Goole East Yorkshire

DN14 6UJ


Tel: 07909091455 or 07809629491

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